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    The idea for Laurel and Muse hatched from the struggles of everyday life of San Francisco local, Yvonne Casillas, to bridge the gap between personal and professional—namely that of an elegant, adaptable and timeless hand bag.

    Carefully named after specific goddesses in Greek mythology representing the power of women. Laurels are symbols of triumph, achievement, success and worn by the goddesses.

    Laurel and Muse bags are handcrafted with the same love, care and perspicacity that runs through the veins of every working woman. Whether it’s starting her day in the boardroom and ending it in the ballroom, or traversing from uptown to downtown, our brand seeks to empower and embellish women in any scenario. Laurel and Muse is made especially for the women who is as savvy as she is chic, ready to take on the world.

    We want to help you embrace and celebrate your inner muse through Simplicity, Adaptability, and Timelessness.